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Celebrating a Renaissance in Parkland Water Features

Celebrating a Renaissance in Parkland Water Features

The summer holidays are in full swing and the public are making the most of the sunshine by enjoying the many historic parks and gardens available on their doorstep. In order to entice an increasing number of visitors into their grounds, a number of estates and gardens have been undertaking landscape and hydrological enhancements. Haycock Associates have over 20 years experience of the restoration of historic water features within registered parklands, estates and gardens and have worked on a number of successful restoration projects at some of the most famous and picturesque landscapes in the country.

There are many funding routes available to estates who wish to restore, refurbish, enhance or protect their hydrological features and waterbodies. Funding can be sought from the Heritage Lottery, Entry Level and Higher Level Stewardship schemes (Natural England), the Catchment Restoration Fund (CRF) and from English Heritage.
Many of the projects that Haycock Associates have worked on have been funded by one or more of these sources, which have given small and large estates an opportunity to undertake exciting restoration and refurbishment projects. Haycock drive projects from conception through to completion, acting as lead consultants, allowing estates to realise the full potential of their history. We have both the skills and the knowledge that are vital when applying for funding for the enhancement of estates and landscapes and have managed and supported a number of successful funding applications for various clients. The key to success is managing a multi-skilled team to address challenging archaeology and architectural problems but always driving forward to realise the vision.

Haycock Associates have also been involved in the development of a number of innovative water feature projects, within historic landscapes. These include the installation of a unique water channel that flows through the centre of a new house set in an historic parkland. This bespoke feature, which forms an integral part of the project and landscape, has been designed and developed by Haycock Associates with regard to visual aesthetics, material longevity, and low service cost.

Haycock Associates are known for our passionate flexibility and effectiveness at following projects through from conceptualisation to completion on the ground. Our clients recommend us for guiding them through their projects in a successful, smooth and cost effective manner.

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